Welcome To Indian Diaries

If you measure success in room numbers, Indian Diaries hasn’t achieved all that much. We have never focused on being the biggest. We prefer to think small. Intimate. Involving. It’s not that we are better than big hotels because we are small. We are different, that’s all. We responds to a contemporary lifestyle. That’s what we offer – a lifestyle experience, without limitations.

There are people with a shared lifestyle the world over. Whether in Europe, Asia, the Americas, they have one thing in common, something that brings them to Indian Diaries.

That ‘lifestyle’ is about shared values, a lust for faraway cultures, for the world around that excites, shapes and nourishes. It is an appetite for pampering and a deep appreciation of the creative and elegant – the way an we responds to the environment, the way light falls on the table or water fills a pool.

Each of our unique luxury resorts and homestays are quite different in location, look, mood and guest experience. Yet each leaves an impression, an indelible mark. With Indian Diaries we have discovered there is an alternate path. That it is possible to market environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing resorts. That small is good for business as well as guests. That less is more.

We do not believe we are perfect. The perfect resort has never been built, nor will it. To paraphrase Gandhi, “Many ideas never get started because of the fear that they cannot be achieved.”